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2016 AdvancED 6-12 Survey

School Events
•  Volleyball vs. Theodore
•  Volleyball Tournament @ MGM
•  Football: McIntosh @ CHS
Time: 7:00 PM
•  Applications Open: Homecoming Maid & Class Officer
•  Volleyball vs. Bryant

Citronelle High School faculty, staff, and students are proud to be in the new building! While the majority of the new facility is complete, construction crews are still working on the auditorium and small details. There will be a walkthrough scheduled for the community once construction in completely finished on the new building. As soon as the walkthrough is scheduled, we will make announcements via local media, post on the school website, and share on social media.

Citronelle High School Class of 2017 *Calendar of Events The Senior Calendar of Events may be found in the "Forms" section...

Summer Reading is required for upcoming juniors enrolled in Advanced Placement Language and Composition.

Summer Reading is required for upcoming seniors enrolled in Advanced Placement Literature and Composition.

Congratulations Houston Barnett
Houston Barnett

School Supply List   3-ring Hardback binders - 1" Binders Dividers for notebook                     ...