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Algebra 1, Algebraic Connection, English 10, English 11, English 12, English 9, Geometry, US History 1900-Present, US History to 1900, World History 9


My education consists of a BA English from Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, and a Master's Degree in Special Education from the University of South Alabama.  Currently working on a Master's English (Creative Writing) at University of South Alabama.

The US Army has seen fit to send me to Airborne School, Chemical Officer Basic Course, and HAZMAT school.  This is in addition to the variety of one-day courses the Army has provided, covering a wide variety of military-specific computer programs. 

For what it is worth, I am also Highly Qualified in English, according to the Praxis test.


This marks my twelfth or thirteenth year here at CHS, I have lost track.  I am assigned to the Special Education department, so have a full caseload, but also teach full English classes: 9 and 11 first semester, 10 and 12 second semester.  In the afternoons, I run a resource room, teaching/reteaching/assisting with algebra, algebra connections, geometry, and assorted histories and sciences.  On rare occasion, I get to reteach some health.

My primary job experience prior to teaching was as an active duty Chemical Officer in the US Army, serving in Korea, Fort HoodKuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain.  While a Reserve Officer, I deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.   

Other job experience includes too much retail, lawn care, and a DJ at an Ohio radio station (88.9 WSTB V-Rock).





I am a yankee.  Married with children. 

Given the opportunity to do what I want, I would rather be reading, preferably some science fiction, though a bit of fantasy and well-written history slips into my reading lists on occasion.  Tragically, all I seem to have time for is poetry. 

Such is life.

Memento mori. 

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